Sheet Metal Fabrication

Western Industrial Machining, Inc. is the premier provider of sheet metal fabrication in Hampstead, MD. Our knowledgeable associates can assist you with the production and refinement of a wide range of sheet metal components and products.

Our shop operates some of the most cutting-edge sheet metal fabrication tools. We are capable of using multiple techniques to produce a sheet metal component or product that is right for you. With more than four decades of expertise, we are the most trusted sheet metal fabrication experts in the region.

Sheet Metal Services

We are able to provide many different sheet metal fabrication services, depending on the needs of your organization. Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Bending: We can bend a wide variety of sheet metal sizes to different angles, depending on the needs of your project.
  • Laser cutting: This versatile technology allows machinists to make precise cuts and incisions on a wide range of materials, including sheet metal.
  • Hardware installation: Our team can install hardware on your sheet metal components after the fabrication process is complete.
  • Custom sheet metal fabrication: Our expert machinists work with our clients extensively to provide the best custom precision machining in Hampstead, MD.

Our shop owns and operates cutting-edge machining equipment to ensure that your components are manufactured with unrivaled precision. Some of our sheet metal manufacturing gear includes an auto-insert press and an AEM grainer and sander. We also utilize two brakes, an AFM Fab-tek 175 ton, which has a 10-foot bed, in addition to a Baykau fab-line 40 ton, which has a five-foot bed.

Refining Your Sheet Metal

If you are ready to have your sheet metal components fabricated by the most trusted regional shop, contact one of our helpful representatives today at 410-239-3820. We can guide you through the process of metal part machining.

Sheet Metal Fabricated Parts

Sheet Metal Fabricated Parts

Sheet Metal

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Sheet Metal